In Due Season


I hurled my gaze right across the restaurant, when I sensed the electrifying moment – of two souls in the catalogue of love; staring down to their souls through the windows of their heart. Their food had not been touched – maybe for the past hour because they were lost in the atmosphere of intense adulation.

They had met through the unforeseen of circumstances, in fate’s abode, in the form of a boutique- Ultimate Fashions. Well, their love knew where elegance dwelt and directed them right to her presence. It was simply love of first sight – the spark of it which had it’s roots in the guy. The adjacency of their eyes dispensed them with the leisure of stealing glances – but more intense was it from now Mr. Asante Gyabaah – so passionate to throw the shyness of his receptacle about to the obvious. Their stare game was simply so strong! Contacts were exchanged right before their relatives. Could they have waited any further after the introduction? Maybe not right under her Uncle’s nose. The famous ‘Knowing me, knowing you”.

Love which knew no limits, they found themselves in different parts of the city and surmised their love would tarry. She was a student preparing for the exams that would render her with the title of a fully registered nurse, and her lover had been recruited recently into one of the banks.

His boyfriend worked his guts out, ensuring he would be the best, he could possibly be. After a year, the company had no choice than to keep him on a full time contract, doubling his salary just to keep him around.

His love for the woman neither waned nor faded. He made time off his busy schedule everyday to catechize her well-being. Their Friday nights were well spent either at an all night session at church or a restaurant down the road. It was candidly clear cut, God was the center of their relationship.

A few years into the relationship, she was a registered nurse who augmented her income with some gigs she had started. It was her lifelong dream to help the sick and needy, and this influenced her into the profession. She also manage to secure access into one of the hospitals in the proximity of her lover’s location, so they could be close.

The medium that fixated their love was so strong and turbid, that any proposal that dropped like a bomb, simply bounced off and fell on deaf ears.

On that fateful night, i found myself under the same roof with these love birds who played with the strings of emotion. The ambience in the room amplified, following screams and tears, when the man went down on knees, envincing a ring. The live band, already prepped and orchestrated knew it was the perfect time to strike. The instruments, in response danced to the tune of fondness and delight.

Some months later, she was swept off her feet in the arms of her man, in her wedding dress.


A glamorous occasion which brushed people from mansions and slums to their location; just to present their support and smiles. The perfect gift from God on that day, was the white dove that flew right above their heads.

The blessings kept coming! The man had a promotion at work; further skyrocketing his paycheck, that it rose like a balloon. The woman worked with such love, diligence and passion. She earned numerous recommendations, when her good works were noticed by her employer.

They believed as they gave bountifully, they would reap bountifully and indeed, they were blessed. But there was one thing they kept praying for – a child.

They were overwhelmed by paranoia and doubt, but it never hindered them from calling out to God. They intensified their prayers and gave the more, when four years had passed without any sign of conception. Even in their anguish, they never stopped loving God. Seemingly, as the years passed by,taking them day by day, they counted into nothingness, with ranging midriffs of extremes of thoughts. 4 years! We can project is no joke!!


Why should a Rev and church founders daughter, who in her own self is no mere a believer, long for the gift of the womb for such number of years?

In due time, God listened to their prayers. This was heralded by the offspring, her little sister had given birth to; just like the Biblical Elizabeth and Mary.

His strength was made perfect in their weakness. She started gaining weight unusually. The bump on her abdomen increased twice the size with each passing day. They couldn’t hide their joy when the obstetric ultrasound confirmed she had twins!! Yeah…And as the days went by, moving even became difficult, her legs could only be liked to that of mama elephant.


The journey to delivery was threaded on a steady road with no problem at all. She had forgotten about the humiliation and the shame she went through, and she stands today with the priceless jewels in her hands to tell her story. She carries, Ayeyi & Aseda, a new generation, a heritage.


God has a way of making a way, where there seems to be no way. He neither sleeps nor slumbers. He is the same God of Sarah, Rachel, Hannah and Elizabeth. Has he done it for before? He would do it again!


Just to end with a Bible verse from Isaiah 55:10-11 NIV which reads:
“As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”


God does not sleep, nor slumber; as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are his ways higher than ours and his thoughts our thoughts. So keep on!

No wait is too long. He’s Able.

Written by: Dr. Owusu Ntim, Eliezer

Photography by: Dr. Benyin-Mensah, Obed (trigershots)


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